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May 3


Note:  This Thursday, May 5, I have to adjust my office hour to 11:45-12:45.  I have an urgent campus meeting that got scheduled over my office hours beyond my control.  Sorry.  I will not be in my office at 11:00 that day.


April 29


If you are ready to transfer, PC is hosting a celebration of your success: FYI:

transfer day

April 26

I will be off campus during my office hours tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27, I will be representing PC at a community meeting.  All my classes will meet as usual, but my office hours on Wednesday are cancelled.


April 20

I was contacted by Devin Mathis's campaign.  He is looking for volunteers for his campaign for State Assembly.  If you are interested in volunteering for his election campaign or for any political campaign I can offer up to 5 points extra credit. I am posting Mathis' info only because he is the only candidate whose campaign has contacted me.  I am not endorsing any candidate. If other candidates ask, I will post their contact info too (as long as they are candidates to represent our area. 

Mathis campaign:


Professor Keele,

 I am a student and Political Science major at Porterville College.  I am also serving as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Assemblyman Devon Mathis' re-election campaign.  We are currently recruiting volunteers to assist us throughout the course of the campaign.  Typical duties could include phone banking and walking precincts in support of Assemblyman Mathis.  This would be a great opportunity for your students to get some experience working on a campaign.  Any interested students can contact me directly at the email address and cell phone number below.  If your schedule permits, I would love to discuss this with you further.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.  

 Thank You!

Trent Lindsey

 Email:  lindseyforrcc@gmail.com

 Cell:  (559) 793-6960



I have been contacted by Congressman Kevin McCarthy's campaign staff.  They are looking to hire some people in Porterville and they believe a college student would be a good fit. Here is their message if any of you are interested: 

Hi Professor Keele,

 This is Daniel Wetter, Political Director for Kevin McCarthy for Congress. Here is the information for your students:  

 The Kevin McCarthy for Congress campaign is looking to hire 2-3 community canvassers in the PORTERVILLE area. The position pays $11 an hour, requires roughly 15-25 hrs/week, and we are decently flexible with schedules. This is a great opportunity for students looking to gain valuable campaign field experience. Please contact Daniel Wetter at 916-960-7237 or dawetter@gmail.com if interested. 

Thanks for helping get this info to your students.

Thank you,
Daniel Wetter


April 4

This Friday, April 8, Jean Wakatsuki Huston is going to present a CHAP talk about her experiences at Manzanar Internment Camp during WW II.  Her famous memoir, Farewell to Manzanar brought her to prominence as an example of one person of Japanese ancestry who was imprisoned during WW II.  Her presentation is absolutely relevant to US politics, International politics, and Asia, so it will be an extra credit event for any of my classes. 

For 5 points extra credit: Attend the event, write a 1-page response letting me know what YOU learned at the event, and submit it through Turnitin.com by 11:59 pm on Monday, April 11.


March 28

This THURSDAY, March 31, I will be tied up in a crucial committee meeting on campus all day.  All of my Thursday classes are cancelled that day.  Sorry.


March 28

The CHAP event this Wednesday, March 30 and again on Friday, April 1 with Professor Jay Hargis is eligible as extra credit for any one of my classes.  Attend, write up a 1-page response proving to me that you attended and learned something, and submit that response to TURNITIN.COM by 11:59 PM on Monday, April 4.  (As Always, no late submissions are accepted and I do not ever accept extra credit by email or on paper -- it must be in turitin.com on time.)


hargis CHAP

March 7

FYI: a workshop for students...

February 25

This CHAP event should be interesting.  You may attend this event and write a 1-page response explaining what you learned for 5 points extra credit in any 1 of my classes.  The extra credit essay will be due in TURNITIN.COM by 11:59 PM on Friday, March 11.  As always, Extra credit is accepted ONLY through Turnitin.com and ONLY if it is on time -- I don't need or want a printed version.

CHAP event on Early women librarians


 February 23

On Wednesday, February 24 I am off campus representing the college on a community committee.  I will be late for my 1:00 office hours -- I will be back about 1:30.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

 February 22

I just got this email that may be of interest -- a FREE workshop on PowerPoint:

PPT Flyer


February 18

I just got notice of a local event that may be of interest to some of you.  Porterville City Council Member, Virginia Gurrola will be speaking on the topic of "Women in Politics" this Saturday.  Students who choose to attend this and write up a 1-page essay summarizing what they learned from the experience may submit that essay for 5 points extra credit in any ONE of my classes.  The essay must be submitted through Turnitin.com by 11:59 on Wednesday, February 24.  As I understand it, the event is sponsored by the AAUW (American Association of University Women); an AAUW member on campus specifically sent me an email with an invitation to all of my students. Here are the details about the event from the email:

Please invite your friends and family to a Presentation by Virginia on the topic of Women in Politics, brought to you by the AAUW . To take place at 10:00 am this Saturday the 20th at the Unitarian Fellowship in Porterville, 135 E. Harrison. Admission free. Light refreshments provided.  We hope to see you there.



February 4

Students: I got the following email that may be of interest to you.  Are any of you having trouble affording books?  Please read this email which may give you a source of help.  The EOPS/CARE offices are in the counseling offices in AC126.

Good luck, 

Jeff Keele

EOPS Invite


January 25


 I will be off campus for a committee meeting and won't return 'til about 1:20 on Wednesday, January 27.  I will miss the first 20 minutes of office hours that day.  Sorry.



January 21


Did you know that Porterville College students can get Microsoft Office 365 for free?  Here is the link:  http://office.com/getoffice365

As a student you can also opt to buy a more comprehensive Office suite at a discount at this web page http://store.collegebuys.org/


Available class: Hello Students:  For those of you interested in Political Science as a major, you should know that International Politics, (POLS P103) is still open with available seats.  This is a required class for the major and is offered only once a year during each Spring semester.  It meets Tuesday/Thursday at 12:50.  



January 19, 2016

Hello, Welcome to Porterville College and to one (or more) of Dr. Jeff Keele's classes.  This page will have announcements of interest to students from any classes at PC.  Announcements that are specific to one class will be posted to each class's announcement page.  Those class announcement pages are linked at the top of this page.


Please be aware that PC, both administration and faculty, only have access to the email address that was assigned to you as a student of PC, BC, or CC.  Any time I need to contact you as an individual student I will contact you through email.  Please be sure you check that email account regularly.  You can go into that email and set it up so that it automatically forwards to your hotmail or yahoo account so that you don't have to check multiple accounts all the time.