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February 4

Students: I got the following email that may be of interest to you.  Are any of you having trouble affording books?  Please read this email which may give you a source of help.  The EOPS/CARE offices are in the counseling offices in AC126.

Good luck, 

Jeff Keele

EOPS Invite


January 25


 I will be off campus for a committee meeting and won't return 'til about 1:20 on Wednesday, January 27.  I will miss the first 20 minutes of office hours that day.  Sorry.



January 21


Did you know that Porterville College students can get Microsoft Office 365 for free?  Here is the link:  http://office.com/getoffice365

As a student you can also opt to buy a more comprehensive Office suite at a discount at this web page http://store.collegebuys.org/


Available class: Hello Students:  For those of you interested in Political Science as a major, you should know that International Politics, (POLS P103) is still open with available seats.  This is a required class for the major and is offered only once a year during each Spring semester.  It meets Tuesday/Thursday at 12:50.  



January 19, 2016

Hello, Welcome to Porterville College and to one (or more) of Dr. Jeff Keele's classes.  This page will have announcements of interest to students from any classes at PC.  Announcements that are specific to one class will be posted to each class's announcement page.  Those class announcement pages are linked at the top of this page.


Please be aware that PC, both administration and faculty, only have access to the email address that was assigned to you as a student of PC, BC, or CC.  Any time I need to contact you as an individual student I will contact you through email.  Please be sure you check that email account regularly.  You can go into that email and set it up so that it automatically forwards to your hotmail or yahoo account so that you don't have to check multiple accounts all the time.