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Supporting PC to the best interest of students.

All About Giving

The following information will offer ideas as to how you can be a part, truly a partner, in the shaping and developing of our future through your gifts and support of the college students of Tulare County, California.  Your rewards will be more than the tax savings.  There are the personal, emotional, and spiritual rewards of helping others.  Helping others creates cherished and tender moments that can't be duplicated in any other way.

There are as many different ways to support Porterville College as there are needs for your support.  The following stories share some of the different ways people can become partners with us in changing lives.  Take a moment to see how people - perhaps in circumstances similar to yours - have found the means to offer support and in turn enriched their hearts in ways they never imagined.  Just click on the links below.

Your personal circumstances will determine the best structure for you and we will be glad to answer questions and offer suggestions confidentially.  Please call us at (559) 791-2319 or email us by clicking on the email icon below.  You may also use the Porterville College Foundation information request form.

Donors will have several options in choosing a method of giving most appropriate to their circumstances and intentions.

Gifts to the Porterville College Foundation qualify as charitable deductions for income tax purposes and the foundation recognizes donors through several levels of gift-giving membership circles.  Your own attorney or specialists are available to discuss questions related to contributions.

There can be many favorable tax consequences associated with each type of gift mentioned above.  Contact the Executive Director for a confidential discussion opportunities to assist your favorite area of the college and a preliminary overview of giving vehicles.  Contact your attorney or tax advisor for which one most favors your circumstances.  If you need assistance in planning, please contact the Executive Director.