Introducing the PC
Anthropology Club.

The Anthropology Club was formed in 1996 by eight students and the Club's advisor, anthropology professor, Richard Osborne. The primary purpose of the organization was to provide students with first-hand knowledge regarding the field of anthropology outside of the classroom. 

Anthropologists wanted!

Several of the original members were planning to major in the field after graduating from PC and by participating in Club events were able to add a variety of experiences to their resumes.  Through the years members have worked on numerous projects that have not only advanced their personal skill levels, but have also served the needs of the community.  A partial list is as follows:

Other Club activities include taking a primary role in the conception and creation of the annual Porterville College Veteran's Day parade float, two social events per year, numerous field trips, sponsorship of guest speakers, and the sponsorship of the Anthropology Club Scholarship.  The Scholarship, which began six years ago, has grown continuously and currently stands at $500.00 per year, with the funds going to a deserving Club member.

All interested students are invited to join the Porterville Anthropology Club.  Meetings are presently being held every other Friday at noon in SM109.  This is an organization that combines education, student support, public service, and fun.  Check us out!