Adjunct Directory

Course Syllabus

Please email your syllabus to

This is a "sample" Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) statement to be included on your syllabus:

Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities: If you have a disability that may require assistance or accommodation, or you have questions related to any accommodation for testing, note takers, readers, etc., please speak with the instructor as soon as possible. Students may also contact the Disability Resource Center (559) 791-2215 with questions about such services.

Absence Reporting

Please adhere to ONE OR BOTH of the following procedures for reporting absences and assurance your class (es) will get posted:

  1. By Phone – Information Desk - 791-2200
    • If no answer, leave voice mail message and for back-up call Instruction Office (Jodie Logan) - 791-2299 or Elvira Martinez - 791-2271
  2. By Email – PC_CCAR (acronym for - Class Cancellation/Absence Reporting)

Porterville College Graphics Center:

Send email print requests to:

Dolores Meurer
Graphics Technician

Graphics Center Duplication Request Form


Porterville College I.T.

All IT requests should be directed through the District Office IT Help Desk.


Technology Learning Center (TLC)

The TLC Lab is in the new library in room L-439.  Just walk straight back after entering the building.  When you come to the back wall turn right and go to the last room next to the blue alcove.  You will see a sign noting that it is a room reserved for faculty and staff only.

 This is your computer lab!  There are four computers in the lab, a scanner, CD/DVD burners (for single burning jobs) and other useful hardware and software. I also urge you to take a look at the new Website.  On the Website you will find a calendar with professional growth opportunities listed, a few tutorials for technology related tasks, and links to a multitude of resources that are free for you to use in your teaching and educational support roles.

Adjunct Faculty Directory

Anzoleaga, Clare Communications
Arellano, Jr., Rodolfo Psychology
Bady, Terry Nursing
Baker, Linda Anthropology
Basham, Greg History  
Bastady, Donald Accounting
Baumgardner, Judy Librarian
Benas, Rebecca English
Blaikie, Neal English
Bluekle, Betty Accounting
Boone, Tim Nursing
Boradori, Richard Information Systems
Boswell, Roy English
Brannan, George Health Careers
Brunelle, Aaron Fire Academy
Bryant, Rosabelle Nursing
Burgess, Ellery Information Systems
Carlsen, Katherine American Sign Language
Carley, Rebecca Information Systems
Carrasco, Juan Psychology
Cearley, Jana Health Careers
Celaya, Nicole English
Chamberlain, David Photography
Chan, Patrick
Cisneros, Bulmaro T. English
Collins, Brady Industrial Maintenance
Coorough, Lisa Work Experience
Craddock, Jay Admin of Justice
Craig, Preston Art
Ekwall, Deborah Information Systems
Efseaff, Michele English
Estermann, Jessica American Sign Language
Fairless, Donna English
Fauvor, Dianna Information Systems
Fiormonti, Richard Information Systems
Follett, Traci Health Careers  
Foster, Helene Agriculture
Frontczak, Deirde Philosophy
Gray, Kristine EMT
Hamman, Jefferson Business
Hammer, Carl Industrial Maintenance
Haro, Rocio Librarian
Harral, Sylvia Health Education
Hathaway, Elizabeth Health Careers
Haynes, Robert Men's Basketball Coach
Henderson, Dale Physical Education
Hill, Glen Art
Hill, Linda Child Development
Hodges, Jr., William R. Music
Hollenhorst, Amble English
Huddleston, Margarette Nursing
Hulsy, Kaitlin English
Hunter,Benjamin CTE
Jameson, William Speech
Jennings III, Richard Physical Education
Bamau, Josephine Library
Kavern, Diane Physical Education
Keele, Elizabeth Health Careers
Kemmer, Lynne Librarian
Kidder, Bridget Agriculture
Kim, Owen Anatomy
Kiser, Jacob Physical Education
Kiwan, Edward English
Kroutil, Eric Admin of Justice
LaPere, David Fire Academy
Lara, Job Assistant Volleyball Coach
Laughnan, Woodrow Communications  
Lieberman, Alisa ESL
Lieurance, Lisa Nursing
Lynde, Tamara English
Machado, Phillip Industrial Maintenance
Matamoros, Darling Child Development
McDowell, Paul Anthropology
Merzoian, Warren Agriculture
Mills, Frances Clines English
Moe, Stanley Admin of Justice
Munoz, Tom Admin of Justice
Navarro, Manuel J. Geography
Neal, Cheryl Nursing
Nielsen, Kurt Political Science
Olmedo, Stephanie General Education
Osborne, Virginia Human Services
Otto, Robert English
Partoviamin, Soheil Information Systems
Pendergraft, Larita Child Development
Perez, Baldomero Spanish
Perry, Sherry English
Peterson, Gregory Information Systems
Phipps, Louise Communications
Pike, Patricia English
Porter, Jason Business/Accounting
Queenan, Elisa Business Administration
Reyna Juarez, Naomi Child Development
Rice, Daniel English
Robinson, Richard Music
Rogers, Katherine D. Human Services
Salas, Vanessa Education
Sanchez, Magdalena Spanish
Sanders, Krysten Psychology
Santiago, Jeff General Education
Santoyo, Manny Emergency Medical Tech
Satko, Shannon Anatomy
Schultz, Jonathan Education
Serrato, Patricia General Education
Shaffer, Peggy English
Stern, Jon Language Arts
Stover, Rich Fire Technology
Swanson,Emily Nursing
Syrdahl, Leif Anthropology
Temple, John Art
Thompson, Diane Work Experience
Tomlin, Camille History
Trueblood, Vicky English
Varela, Brenda Nursing
Vasquez, Lucinda Child Development  
Vaughn, Debra Nursing
Walkowiak, Ben PE
Weise, Thomas Communications
Wise,Ted English
Wong, Jana English
Wright, Mary Child Development
Xiong, Xay Information Systems
Zamora, Adrian Sociology
Science and Mathematics building
Academic Center
Library and Learning Resource Center